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Astana held first-ever Constitution Day parade

2009 жылғы 30 тамыз 14:15 300

ASTANA. August 30. KAZINFORM. The first ever military parade devoted to the Constitution Day with participation of Head of the State, Supreme Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has taken place in Astana today.

Citizens of Astana, prominent political and public figures, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, Armed Forces and military diplomatic corps accredited in Kazakhstan were the guests of the parade, which was held at the square near Kazakh Eli monument.

Greeting the participants of the parade the President noted that the first words of the Constitution are "We, people of Kazakhstan". "It is a secure foundation of unity of the multinational country, equality of all its citizens. It is a main source of successful development and prosperity of our Motherland. Our Fundamental Law is a reliable foundation we build new society, new state and new economy on", the Head of the State said.

He also noted that the lasting value of the Constitution was time-proved. "The Fundamental Law is a guarantee of stability of our society in the difficult period of the world economic crisis", the Kazakh leader added.

"The state financed all social programs, increased wages for public sector employees, pensions, allowances, stipends. We supported small and medium business, construction industry, leading banks. Big funds were invested in perspective innovation projects. Over 320,000 new jobs were created", Mr. Nazarbayev said.

After the President's speech the parade started. Kazakh Minister of Defense Adilbek Dzhaksybekov inspected the parade. Vice Minister of Defense Major General Nurlan Dzhulamanov lead the parade.

Ground Forces, Navy and Air Force of the Defense Ministry, detachments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Security Committee, Emergencies Ministry and Republican Guard marched in the parade. The parade equipment included over 120 weapons units - armor, cannonry, multiple launch rocket systems; air force - Mi-17 helicopters, Mi-26 helicopters, An-26 transport aircraft, L-39 trainer aircrafts, Su-25 attack aircrafts, Mig-27 fighter aircrafts, Mig-31 interceptor aircrafts and Su-27 fighter aircrafts.

The orchestra tailed the march.

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