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Iran unveils new reconnaissance drone

23 September 2015 15:13 756
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Iran unveils new reconnaissance drone

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Iran has unveiled a new homemade reconnaissance drone dubbed Mohajem 92.

The drone can fly for six hours and its operational range covers the distance of 100 kilometers, Iran 's Tasnim news agency reported Sept. 23.

It is reportedly designed for reconnaissance operations at sea.

The drone's maximum speed reaches 200 kilometers per hour.

The self-sufficiency department of the Islamic Republic Air Force manufactured Mohajem 92.

Iran has so far unveiled various homemade drones including Ababil, Fotros, Hazem, Karrar (long range attack drone), Mohajer, Sarir, Shahed 129, Yasir and Zohal.

The country unveiled its first domestically manufactured long-range UAV named Karrar in 2010. Iran also successfully tested a homemade radar-evading UAV in June 2009.

The first Iranian medium-altitude long-endurance UAV, the Shahed-129 was unveiled in September 2012, which is capable of carrying out combat and reconnaissance eight missions for 24 hours and has a range of 1,700 km.

The country unveiled its largest yet homemade UAV, titled 'Fotros' in 2013. Fotros has a range of some 2,000 kilometers and is capable of launching air-to-surface missile strikes.

The drone can fly at an altitude of 25,000 feet, with a flight time of 16 to 30 hours, Kazinform refers to




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