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WEEKLY REVIEW: Kazakhstan assumes measures to develop agriculture processing and maps out the second five-year plan of industrialization

20 December 2013 20:26 563
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WEEKLY REVIEW: Kazakhstan assumes measures to develop agriculture processing and maps out the second five-year plan of industrialization

ASTANA. December 20. KAZINFORM Kazakhstan announces its intention to claim the status of the Asian tourism city for its capital - Astana. The Kazakh Government improves the "Employment Road Map-2020". Comprehensive plan for the development of agricultural processing in Kazakhstan has been adopted.

On Monday (December 16) the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation, Galym Orazbakov met with representatives of the leading Russian mass media during the event timed to the 22nd year of Kazakhstan's Independence in Moscow. The Kazakhstani diplomat briefed the guests on the successes Kazakhstan achieved over that period and stressed it proved itself as a forward-looking and reliable partner in the international arena. Mr. Orazbakov handed out letters of gratitude to 25 Russian journalists on behalf of the Kazakh Foreign Minister and on his own behalf and awarded a medal to one of the journalists on behalf of the Kazakh Defense Minister. Staff correspondents of Kazakhstani mass media, including Kazinform News Agency's Office, working in the Russian capital received special praise as well.

Deputy Chairman of "Kazakhstan Institute for Industry Development" Seitgali Galiyev said Tuesday, December 17, nearly 5 thousand new jobs are to be created at the enterprises that garnered state support under the "Efficiency-2020" State Program. Efficiency of all those projects is expected to increase sixfold on average. According to Mr. Galiyev, the enterprises will see a 10% plunge in energy consumption. KZT 253.9 million budget funds were channeled into the implementation of the said program that embraces 64 projects.

On Wednesday (December 18) Marat Igaliyev, the Chairman of the Tourism Industry Committee under the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan, announced at the 12th ministerial meeting on Asian dialogue in Manama, Bahrain, Astana's intention to claim the status of the Asian tourism city in the years to come.

At the Thursday session of the Cabinet, Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov pointed out the drawbacks in the progress of implementation of the "Employment Road Map-2020" State Program. In his words, there are specific problems common to all regions that should be solved.

"The lack of explanatory work is to blame in this particular case. It is a real hassle for people with decent education to find employment. In some regions the rate of employment totals only 60% because not all employers across the country observe the conditions of creating workplaces under the program," S. Akhmetov said.

The Premier made it clear that each region will make a separate report on the results of implementation of the program locally.

Mr. Akhmetov also instructed the Ministry of Regional Development to approve the General Scheme of Kazakhstan territorial organization by yearend.

The session also endorsed the comprehensive plan for the development of agricultural processing in Kazakhstan. "The main purpose of the plan is to down production costs and increase competitiveness of products. For this it is necessary to provide raw materials to processing enterprises, high-tech production and markets for new products," Deputy Minister of Agriculture Muslim Umiryayev said. According to him, the main factor curbing the growth of processing volumes is the weak competitiveness of domestic industries associated with high production costs. In this regard it is planned to support priority areas - milk processing, production of butter, cheese and milk powder, meat processing, production of oil and fat products, pasta and cereals, processing of corn, fruit and vegetables, sugar production and primary processing of wool and skins of cattle." Thus, until 2020, in the framework of "Agribusiness 2020" Program it is planned to allocate 59.7 billion tenge for milk processing, 13.4 billion tenge - meat processing, 3.2 billion tenge - processing of fruits and vegetables, 17 8 billion tenge - processing of oilseeds, 9.8 billion tenge - deep processing of grain, 14 billion tenge - production of sugar, about 1 billion tenge - primary processing of skin and wool.

Defense Minister of Kazakhstan Adilbek Dzhaksybekov addressed the joint session of the Kazakh Parliament chambers on Friday (December 20) to introduce Nursultan Nazarbayev's proposal to send officers of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan to observe UN missions. According to Minister Dzhaksybekov, this move will strengthen and cement Kazakhstan's international authority. Both chambers supported the proposal.

The same day President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev urged the Government of the country to draw the second five-year plan on implementation of the State Program of Advanced Industrial and Innovative Development by the end of 1H of 2014. The second five-year plan will focus on the development of conventional industries.


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