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10 December 2009 10:15
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Zhumat Shanin (1892-1938) was a director, playwright, actor and one of the founders of Kazakh professional theatrical art, public and theatrical figure, and public artist of the Kazakh SSR.

He was born in the neighbor of Zheltau in Bayanaul municipality of Pavlodar region. The primary education he received at local Muslim school. From early childhood he was interested in songs and aityses.

In 1913 Zhumat arrived to Omsk and some period of time worked at factory. In Omsk he met with S. Seifullin, N. Nurmakov and B. Serkebayev. In 1915-1916 he finished book-keeping training courses and then worked as an assistant to bookkeeper at plant. In 1921-1922 he was the member of Pavlodar district committee, in 1922 - chairman of Zaisan district executive committee. Since 1923 Zh. Shanin was the member of Semipalatinsk executive committee.

During this time he headed 'Yes-Aimak' band in Semipalatinsk. He put 'Arkalyk Batyr' play on a stage written by him on the basis of folk legends including S. Seifullin's play 'Kyzyl Sunkarlar' (1922). In 1925 his comedy 'Torsykbai' was published in Semipalatinsk journal 'Tan'.

The same year Zh. Shanin became the director of Kazakh Legitimate Theater where he organized the first national theater and promoted its professional growth.

In 1926-1932 several plays of national and foreign drama were put on a stage.

In 1927 Zh. Shanin participated in an ethnographic concert in Moscow. In 1932-1933 he was the chief director for Kirgiz Legitimate Theater. In 1934 he took part in the organization of musical theater and together with E. Brussilovsky and K. Zhandarbekov he put 'Zhalbyr', 'Kyz Zhibek', 'Yer Targyn' plays on a stage.

Zh. Shanin made a significant contribution to the development and formation of the first musical theater. In 1936-1937 he organized Uralsk Musical Legitimate Theater. Being the author of a number of plays as 'Zhandy Suret', 'Kara Kulyn', 'Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu', 'Ush Bazha' he made certain contribution to the development of the national drama.

In 1972 Shymkent Legitimate Theater received his name.

Source: Book "Historical Figures".

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