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7 September 2009 18:56
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Zholaman Tlenshiuly is a batyr of Tabyn stem, Small Zhuz, leader of the national liberation movement of Kazakh people against the colonial policy of the Russian Empire in 20-30 years of XIX century. He was a grandson to Bogenbay Batyr, the chief commander of Abilkhair Khan.

According to the Russian sources "Zholaman Tlenchi is a batyr of Tabyn stem. He headed movement of Kazakh Tabyn and Tama stems in 1822-1824 for return of land on Ilek River taken away for construction of Novo-Iletsk military line and return of Aryngazy sultan from Russia"...

The military demarcation line covered 29 stockades. On September, 3, 1823 a group of Tabyn stem representatives sent the letter to Orenburg general-governor Esseng containing protestation against the colonial policy of the Russian authority. Chairman of Committee on land issues Shergazy announced the protestation illegal and threatened to use military forces against the discontent. Such a reply made Tabyn people to a military uprising headed by Zholaman batyr.

At its first stage in 1824-1832 the uprising was some kind of a local liberation protests. In Small Zhus they were headed by Zholaman Tlenshiuly, by Issatay and Makhambet in Bokey Khanate and by Sarzhan Kassymuly Sultan in Middle Zhuz. In 1835 the people from zhagalbaily, zhalpas, alshyn, argyn and kypshak stems joined the uprising of about 3 thousand people. Orenburg administration sent special military forces to crush the rebellion. In 30-s of XIX century the forces of Zholaman batyr joined the troops of Kenessary and continued the fight.

In 40-s Zholaman batyr leaved for Bukhara, his further life is unknown.

Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, Volume 2

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