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Zhambyl region to gasify 22 settlements in 2023

2 February 2023, 14:17
Zhambyl region to gasify 22 settlements in 2023

TARAZ. KAZINFORM Another village has been gasified in Zhambyl region. The region is set to be gasified fully by 2025, Kazinform correspondent reports.

As the regional administration informed, 420 households of Ornek village have been gasified under the Business Road Map program. The estimated cost of the project is 360 million tenge by Akbars story LTD.

Earlier, the administration renovated the roads in the village and built a house of culture. The construction of a sports palace is underway.

The gasification of 38 settlements of Zhambyl region out of 42 has already been completed.

Seven villages – Yernazar, Yenbek, Rakhat, Kolkainar, Tastobe, Ashybulak and Shaidana – were gasified last year.

22 villages are set to be gasified in 2023. Beginning from 2027, the local administration plans to gasify all the settlements.

1.2 million people are living in 371 settlements of Zhambyl region.

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