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18 August 2009 11:51
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YESSET BATYR KOTIBARULY (1807-1888) is Kazakh Batyr. He fought against colonial oppression of the Russian Government.

Yesset Batyr was born on Akshi bank at 7-10 km of Shalkar Lake in Aktobe Region. In 1838 he and Zholaman Batyr attacked Yelek fortress. In 1847-1858 Yesset Batyr headed uprising of Small Zhuz Kazakh people against Khiva and Kokand Khanates.

Historians, politicians, public figures and travelers who met Yesset Batyr left several writing sources about him.

Polish revolutionary democrat and artist Bronislav Zalessky was the first to acquaint the Europe with the Kazakh land in his book "Travelling in Kazakh Steppe" published in Paris in French in 1865.

According to the information material found in Russia Yesset Batyr was also known as Kenessary in Small Zhuz and as Shamil in Caucasus. His father participated in uprising of Syrym Datuly whereas Yesset Batyr supported the uprising of Issatay and Makhambet. The uprising headed by Yesset Batyr was also against the policy of the Russian Government. His fight lasted 12 years but in the end the revolted were defeated.

Yesset Batyr was buried in his native land, in Sholakzhid Aul of Shalkar Municipality, Aktobe Region.

Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, Volume 2

Book "Historical Figures"

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