11 April 2011 12:28

World Bank in Kazakhstan announces a grant competition for NGOs under CSF for 2011

ASTANA. April 11. KAZINFORM The World Bank Country Office in Kazakhstan is pleased to announce launch of the grant competition under the Civil Society Social Development Fund (further on - CSF) for the total amount of US$ 45,000 for nonprofit, nongovernmental, nonacademic organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Any institution involved in development broadly defined may apply for a grant. Usually individual grant cannot exceed US$ 5,000. Applications are accepted in the World Bank Offices in Almaty and Astana till May 2, 2011.

Activities supported by the CSF are intended to promote dialogue and dissemination of information, and enhance partnerships with key players in support of the development process. In 2011, the CSF will support projects focusing on engagement of population in the development processes. Priority will be given to projects implemented in the rural areas. Special attention will be paid to projects aimed at building capacity of civil society organizations in identification of potential projects, project management, and leveraging funds. The CSF does not provide financing for political activities of any scope and level, the press release of the World Bank Country Office in Kazakhstan reads.

Series of seminars will be conducted for potential CSF grant competition participants in April aimed at increased understanding of the CSF goals, purposes, and selection criteria by the target audiences. Dates, time, and venues of these seminars will be communicated through the World Bank internet site. Information on the CSF selection criteria, guidelines for participation, and application package can be found at http://www.worldbank.org.kz/ or obtained in the World Bank Offices in Astana and Almaty.

The Civil Society Social Development Fund, which operated as the WB Small Grants program till 2007, was created in 1983. While working in Kazakhstan from 1998 to 2010 the CSF has supported 101 projects for the total amount of US$ 433,000.

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