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Winter fairy tale: “The Nutcracker” at Astana Ballet Theatre

9 December 2022, 08:50
Winter fairy tale: “The Nutcracker” at  Astana Ballet Theatre

ASTANA. KAZINFORM On New Year’s Eve, the Astana Ballet Theatre together with the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography will present to the public the fabulous ballet «The Nutcracker» by Pyotr Tchaikovsky in a bright and expressive version by Vasily Vainonen staged by the People’s Artist of Russia Altynai Asylmuratova. The annual performance of the spectacular ballet will be held from December 20 to 25 and from December 26 through 31 , accompanied by the symphony orchestra of the theatre under the baton of maestro Arman Urazgaliyev, the press service of Astana Ballet reported.

The New Year’s spectacle has gained worldwide fame and has become a traditional symbol of Christmas and New Year holidays. There are dozens of its interpretations in the world, but it is Vasily Vainonen’s expressive and vivid version that is being performed in many of the world’s leading theatres. It is noted that this legendary choreographer was the first to adapt the performance for the understanding of both children and adults.

«The Nutcracker» will refresh the brightest feelings and will definitely take the fancy of children. After all, it is about miracles that happen. This is a romantic story of love and friendship, a triumph of goodness and a happy ending, but you still have to be deeply concerned about the characters... Genuine magic happens on the stage: there is a festive atmosphere full of hope, light and kindness, the Christmas tree lights shine, and dolls come to life…

For the Astana Ballet Theatre, this performance, which premiered in December 2017, became a symbolic reference to the very first production of «The Nutcracker» in history, when back in 1892, on the stage of the «cultural centre» of Russia, the Mariinsky Theatre, students of the Saint Petersburg Imperial Theatre, now the Vaganova Ballet Academy, performed the leading children’s roles.

More than 200 trainees of the Academy of Choreography dance in the ballet, performing children’s scenes of the first and second acts, as well as an enchanting dance of snowflakes and bright dances of dolls from divertissement, and Academy students try their hand in performing the leading roles of Masha and the Prince along with the leading dancers of the Astana Ballet Theatre.

«Tchaikovsky brought integrity and dramaturgy to ballet music when everything is intrinsically linked. First of all, it is important for me as a conductor to give the audience a festive mood so that after the performance they will have these sublime feelings. Secondly, it is significant to accurately convey the composer’s musical text performed by our orchestra,» said Arman Urazgaliyev, chief conductor of the theatre.

The New Year’s atmosphere of the theatre and the spectacular ballet «The Nutcracker» will not leave anyone indifferent: the choreographic movements of the theatre dancers are honed to a light weightless step, echoing the mysterious sounds of musical instruments in the orchestra, and the emotions and artistry of the main characters convey the completeness of mood and create a range of corresponding feelings from what you saw on stage.

«It is so amazing to watch how young performers are just beginning to consciously understand what they are doing, what is their occupation. It is through these images, through choreography and music that the knowledge of ballet comes, you are filled with it and understand the meaning of your future profession more deeply. This is a beautiful and amazing fairy tale, these are dreams. Even more inspiring thing is the awe and interest with which the audience attends the annual shows of this spectacle,» commented Mukaram Avakhri, the chief choreographer of the theatre.

The events will be held with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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