WEEKLY REVIEW: Kazakhstan makes efforts to improve quality of education
10 August 2012 19:45

WEEKLY REVIEW: Kazakhstan makes efforts to improve quality of education

ASTANA. August 10. KAZINFORM Kazakhstan continues to work on the improvement of quality of education at all levels.

The joint Kazakhstani-American Achievement of Global Leadership project in the field of cell technologies is being successfully implemented as a part of the instructions given by President Nazarbayev. The Ministry of Industry and New Technologies pursues the active innovative policy that provides various forms of support and enhances innovative activity.

On Monday, August 6, the Ministry of Education and Science announced the launch of an independent center that will confirm teachers' qualifications. In addition, 20 universities of Kazakhstan will open special departments where students will be taught in three languages. This move is aimed at implementation of polylingual education in the country.

Minister of Culture and Information Darkhan Mynbay chaired a session dedicated to President Nazarbayev's article "Social Modernization of Kazakhstan: Twenty Steps towards a Universal Labor Society" on Monday (August 7). Minister Mynbay gave a number of instructions to state mass media and urged to play an active role in the explanation of the provisions of the article. He also informed that in line with the instruction of the Head of State the Code of Journalistic Ethics would be developed.

The Ministry of Oil and Gas announced Tuesday the refinery capacities of the three oil refinery plants functioning in the country would be reconstructed and modernized within the State Program of Advanced Industrial and Innovative Development. Modernization process will be gradual and last until 2015. It will help to fully meet the demand of the domestic market and get rid of dependence on import of high-octane gasoline. Besides, modernization will allow to increase the conversion ratio and improve the quality of gasoline and diesel fuel, reduce the impact on environment and bring the quality of oil products to the level of the euro-4 and 5 standards.

On August 7 Yerzhan Kazykhanov, Foreign Affairs Minister of Kazakhstan, met with reps of the diplomatic corps of the OIC member countries. Y. Kazykhanov assured those present Kazakhstan would bend efforts to develop all-round partner relations with the Islamic countries in future by making use of its unique experience in the sphere of interfaith dialogue.

On Thursday (August 9) a bus with a logo of Innovative Boost TV competition left from the building of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies. According to Vice Minister Kanysh Tuleushin, the Ministry pursues the active innovative policy that provides various forms of support and enhances innovative activity. Experts from the Ministry, the National Agency for Technical Development and reps of the business elite are to meet with authors of innovative ideas within the trip across Kazakhstan. The innovators will have a chance to apply for participation in the competition onsite.

The Water Resources Committee under the Agriculture Ministry of the country claimed on Thursday 15 drinking water supply facilities were to be put into commission prior to the yearend within the Ak Bulak program. Construction of eight analogous facilities is also underway.

On Friday Chairman of the Kazakh Agency for Statistics Alikhan Smailov stressed it was high time to review the methods of minimum living wage calculation. In line with the international practice, it is reviewed each 5-6 years. In Kazakhstan it was done back in 2006. The Agency has already performed an experimental calculation of the minimum living wage this year. It takes into account various factors.

The Ministry of Education and Science announced Friday it was eyeing the enlargement of universities in Taraz, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Uralsk, Kostanay, Aktobe, Kokshetau and Shymkent. It is mainly connected with low quality of higher education in the country. Some of the universities will be merged, others transformed into colleges in 2012.