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Weather in Kazakhstan at the weekend

12 January 2018 18:54 1320
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Weather in Kazakhstan at the weekend

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Kazhydromet has issued a weather forecast for January 13-15, Kazinform reports.

The cold atmospheric fronts, which caused blizzards in northern Kazakhstan, moved to the southern part of Western Siberia. They will be replaced by the cold anticyclone from the northwestern regions of the European Russia to bring a fall in temperature in most of Kazakhstan, the weather forecasters said.

Meanwhile, southern fronts will still prevail over the southern, southeastern, and eastern parts of the country at the weekend through Monday. Therefore, snowfalls will persist there, and the mountainous areas in the southeast are likely to see heavy continuous snow. And, despite the cold wave, it is expected that the air temperature in Kazakhstan will be close to average.


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