Vaccination with Pfizer vaccine kicks off in N Kazakhstan
19 November 2021 21:10

Vaccination with Pfizer vaccine kicks off in N Kazakhstan

PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZINFORM – Vaccination with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has started in North Kazakhstan region, Kazinform correspondent reports.

At the press briefing on Friday, deputy head of the regional health office Kumar Kussemissov confirmed that 56 people, including teenagers, pregnant women and nursing mothers, have been inoculated with first dose of Pfizer vaccine in the first day. Children of healthcare workers were the first to get vaccinated.

Vials of Pfizer vaccine are available at schools where teenagers can be immunized with the written consent of their parents.

Recall that 33,000 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine have been delivered to the region.

In total, 258,071 people have been vaccinated with the first component of anti-COVID vaccines, while the second component has been administered to 240,866 people since the start of the mass vaccination campaign in February 2021.

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