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Uzbek expert: Kazakhstan – active centre of international economic ties

11 October 2018 11:52
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Uzbek expert: Kazakhstan – active centre of international economic ties

ASTANA. KAZINFORM "The recent State-of-the-Nation Address of Nursultan Nazarbayev "The Growth of Kazakhstanis' Wellbeing: Increasing Income and Quality of Life" proves that the President is quite serious about the goals of improving wellbeing and quality of life of all the Kazakhstanis. The most important thing is that the President consistently implements them," Ravshan Nazarov, Deputy Chief of the Department for Modern and Contemporary History of the Institute of History of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences, says.

“The Address outlines the goals and choice of the country in the nearest time as well as it gives an estimation of internal and foreign status of the country in the modern world,” Nazarov says.

“This Address became a logical continuation of such important documents as the Address 2014 “Kazakhstan’s Way -2050: Common Goal, Common Interests, Common Future,” Address 2017 “The Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness” and others,” he notes.

According to him, Kazakhstan is a centre of international economic ties, a traditional bridge between the countries of East and West. It has all prerequisites to be among the world’s most developed states. “Thus, in the World Bank’s rating Kazakhstan ranks the 36th among 190 countries,” he reminds.

“Presently, Kazakhstan focuses on the sectors of economy of future, such as alternative energy, new materials, biomedicine, big data, Internet of things, artificial intellect, blockchain etc.,” he adds.

“Well-educated professionals can only fully implement the objectives set in the Presidential Address,” he stressed.

“Uzbekistan which has close historical, ethnic, cultural, linguistic and confessional ties with Kazakhstan, the country that became a home for hundreds of thousands of Uzbeks appreciates the relations based on traditional friendship and mutual cooperation. Many plans, strategies and ideas of the Kazakh Leader coincide with those reforms being conducted now in Uzbekistan,” Nazarov added.

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