UNDP Pocket Manual on Climate Change in Kazakhstan warns of its perils
29 April 2022 15:18

UNDP Pocket Manual on Climate Change in Kazakhstan warns of its perils

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM The UNDP’s Climate Change Portfolio team, together with Bulat Yessekin, international expert on sustainable development, has prepared a pocket manual on climate change adaptation in Kazakhstan. This extensive handbook is designed for a wide audience to explain the causes of climate change and its impact on the livelihoods of the people of Kazakhstan.

This pocket manual notes that Kazakhstan, like other Central Asian countries, is among the countries most vulnerable to climate change. This is due to arid natural conditions and to the lack of access to the ocean – a global regulator of temperatures. In recent years, climate change has been becoming apparent in the region: temperature fluctuations, cold and heat waves are increasing, droughts are becoming more frequent and water scarcity and conflicts over water are on the rise, the official website of the UNDP in Kazakhstan reads.

«Aquatic ecosystems in Kazakhstan are particularly vulnerable, so unless timely measures are taken, the tragedy of the Aral Sea may be repeated on Balkhash Lake, in the Ural River delta and in other ecosystems. The well-being of many millions of people living there depends on their condition», says Bulat Yessekin, author of the pocket manual.

The manual also provides information on the country’s strategic activities in this domain and puts forward proposals for climate change adaptation in the agricultural and forestry sectors. The authors of the pocketbook accord special attention to recommendations that can be followed on an individual level.

«Each of us can do our part, starting with revisiting our needs and habits. Many practical tips exist on what each of us or our communities can do for climate change mitigation and adaptation. For example, consume water wisely, use water-efficient appliances and choose clean energy. This pocketbook contains these and many other practical tips, which are easy to apply», explains Sabyr Asylbekov, UNDP Climate Change Portfolio expert.

The Pocketbook on Climate Change Adaptation was prepared in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages. The electronic version is available here.