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Ukraine reports 10,554 new COVID-19 cases

Adlet Seilkhanov
30 November 2021, 20:40

Ukraine reports 10,554 new COVID-19 cases

KYIV. KAZINFORM - Ukraine has recorded 10,554 new COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian Health Ministry has reported on Facebook, Ukrinform reports.

«Some 10,554 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 (including 846 cases in children and 197 cases in health workers) were recorded in Ukraine on November 29, 2021,» the report reads.

According to the report, 561 patients died from COVID-19, 1,749 were hospitalized, and 25,318 recovered in Ukraine in the past 24 hours.

As many as 3,438,381 people in Ukraine have contracted coronavirus, 2,946,032 have recovered, and 85,975 have died since the pandemic began. Some 15,869,089 PCR tests have been performed.

According to the report, 226,059 people were vaccinated for COVID-19 in Ukraine on November 29. Some 71,124 people received their first dose, and 154,935 people were fully vaccinated.

A total of 24,514,289 doses have been administered in Ukraine since it launched the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, with 13,391,654 people receiving their first dose and 11,122,635 people receiving both doses (two people received their first dose abroad).

A total of 5,804 new coronavirus cases were recorded in Ukraine on November 28.

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