U.S. independent observers positively assess Kazakhstani elections

Zhanna Nurmaganbetova
24 March 2023, 14:10

U.S. independent observers positively assess Kazakhstani elections

WASHINGTON. KAZINFORM The U.S. independent observers positively assessed the Majilis and maslikhat elections held in Kazakhstan, Kazinform reports.

The observers arrived in Kazakhstan on March 17 to monitor the election process. They visited over 70 election districts in Astana and Almaty cities, as well as Akmola and Almaty regions.

In particular, Wesley Alexander Hill of the International Tax and Investment Centre visited 18 polling places, including 6 in the capital city and 12 in Akmola region.

Following the elections, the independent international observer mission prepared a report noting that the elections in Kazakhstan were held well.


The observers said the elections were competitive since a brand-new political party Respublica took the third place.

He added during the election campaign their observer group held talks with the leaders of political parties, independent candidates, voters and local election observers.

The report said the elections in Kazakhstan mark a progress in the country’s democratization and give an impulse to the transformation of Kazakhstan’s political system from the super-presidential structure to the presidential republic with the parliament and government strengthening the reign of law. The extended voting options, absence of the official presidential political party (since the President made a decision to terminate the political party membership in 2019), and other achievements laid the foundation for future promotion of Kazakhstan and formation of a multi-party republic.

As a result of constitutional reforms adopted last year and other changes the political parties and the civil society gained more opportunities to influence and thus strengthened the institutional check and balance system.

In particular, reforms gave voters an expanded option easing political parties’ registration, reducing threshold for parliamentary elections and providing more opportunities to independent candidates owing to the election of 30% of Majilis members through single-mandate constituencies.

The report also said the electoral process was well-organized and transparent. Many heads of district election commissions collaborated with the observers.

Besides, the U.S. international independent observation group recommends to support new reforms, expand opportunities for youth and women candidates, to better cover and fund public debates, publicly explain the Justice Ministry’s reasons to refuse registration of parties, provide freedom of media to ensure open debate.

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