Turkish city  of Şanlıurfa named OIC City of Tourism for 2023
29 June 2022 11:59

Turkish city of Şanlıurfa named OIC City of Tourism for 2023

ANKARA. KAZINFORM At the 11th meeting of the OIC Tourism Ministers, the Turkish city of Şanlıurfa was unanimously chosen the City of Tourism for 2023, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the regular meeting of the OIC Ministers of Tourism was held in Baku.

In ancient times, the historical city of Şanlıurfa was known as Edessa. Şanlıurfa is a large city located on the Turkish-Syrian border. Its history is closely linked with the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions, due to which it was also named «the city of five prophets». To date, the metropolis has been fully Islamized. Every year it attracts a large number of Muslim pilgrims from all over the world and is rightfully viewed as one of the religious centers.

Şanlıurfa has a mixed Turkish, Kurdish and Arab population. Located on a plain 80 km east of the Euphrates River, the climate here is extremely hot and dry in the summer. In winter it is noticeably cool and humid.

Even the most sophisticated travelers of the world speak today of the city of Şanlıurfa as a true architectural monument, imbued with the spirit of bygone times. Narrow and crooked streets, cozy houses, and colorful bazaars are unobtrusively mixed with new areas offering modern luxury buildings, trendy boutiques, and restaurants to the visitors.

By the way, the Uzbek city of Khiva will be the next spiritual and tourist center in the year 2024.

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