Turkey's Otokar offers -40C frost-resistant armored cars to Kazakhstan
23 May 2018 19:25

Turkey's Otokar offers -40C frost-resistant armored cars to Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Tamer Sırcalı, Business Development Director at Otokar, told about the main advantages of armored vehicles manufactured by that Turkish company, Kazinform correspondent reports.

"The history of our company dates back to 1918. For now, we have 23,000 machines, we have offices in 30 countries in various continents. The peculiarity of our technology is that it can perfectly operate in winter at -40 degrees Centigrade. Therefore, it can withstand various climatic conditions. Currently, we produce about 4,000 of these products," he said at KADEX 2018 International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment in Astana on Wednesday.

nullAccording to Mr. Sırcalı, over recent years, Otokar has been the best company in the sector of light passenger transport vehicles.

null"The company's products are based on the most accurate mathematical calculations. We have tested our cars by running 1,000 km and realized that our mathematical calculations for manufacture were correct. This provided us with the opportunity to develop the design and specifications of armored vehicles," he added.

Moreover, Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç underlined that the company belongs to a large holding consisting of dozens of companies operating in various sectors.

"The holding includes around 100 companies involved in various economic sectors from oil refineries to television products, from food products to consumer electronics products. Among those companies, Otokar is one of the leaders. Our holding company supports us in terms of making investments in Kazakhstan's economy," he said.

nullHe also recalled that the company is willing to start cooperation on manufacturing armored vehicles in Kazakhstan.

"Our top priority is to manufacture 8×8 wheel drive configuration armored cars in Kazakhstan by transferring our own technologies. We are now continuing negotiations with the leadership of Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, there are many highly qualified engineers to establish an enterprise that would contribute to the development of the Kazakh economy and will create conditions for employment," he added.

nullMr. Görgüç detailed the arrangement of potential cooperation.

"After we start manufacturing, we want to have the respective service network so that later we could maintain these vehicles and, if necessary, modernize these vehicles. We intend to take advantage of the geographical setting of the Republic of Kazakhstan and export products manufactured in Kazakhstan to neighboring countries," he said.

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev opened the KADEX 2018 International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment in the Kazakh capital this morning.

The organizers of the exhibition are the Ministry of the Defense and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan Engineering National Company JSC.