Turkestan lynxes caught on trail cameras

Temirgaliyeva Arailym
13 March 2023, 15:35

Turkestan lynxes caught on trail cameras Photo:

TURKISTAN. KAZINFORM The Turkestan lynxes were caught on trail cameras in Sairam Ugam national park in the Turkistan region, Kazinform learned from the press office of the Forestry and Wild Animals Committee of the Kazakh Ecology Ministry.

The Turkestan lynx is a subspecies of the Eurasian lynx inhabiting mostly the Central Asian region. It is also known as the Central Asian lynx, Tibetan lynx, or Himalayan lynx.

The predator lives mostly in open woodlands, steppe, and rocky hills. In the Indian Himalayas, individuals were sighted at a height of 4,900 meters in Hemis National Park and at 4,800 meters on the Changtang Plateau in Ladakh.

Lynx hunting has been prohibited since 1976.


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