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Turan ensemble to go on world tour

17 March 2023, 12:12
Turan ensemble to go on world tour Photo: Kazakhconcert

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Soloists of the Kazakhconcert state concert organization named after Rosa Baglanova, the Turan ethnic and folklore ensemble, will go on the world tour to celebrate its 15th anniversary, Kazinform refers to the Kazakhconcert press service.


They will tour first the U.S. At the invitation of the Kazakh Embassy in the U.S. the ensemble will perform between March 21-23 as part of the Nauryz celebrations at University of the District of Columbia's Theater of the Arts in Washington, as well as The George Washington University. Next Turan will tour European cities, in particular, Paris, Lyon, Geneva, Brussels, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Vienna, and Budapest.

The ensemble will also perform in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

The world tour is supported by the Kazakh Culture and Sports Ministry.

Turan is the ethnic and folklore band aimed at recreate original music art of the Kazakh people, sounds of the ancient, archaic instruments and find out new ways, forms of their reproduction, and the most ancient arts of traditional throat signing in modern rendering. The soloists play on 30 national music instruments.

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