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Tourist flow to Kyrgyzstan doubles this summer – study
15 August 2022 12:26

Tourist flow to Kyrgyzstan doubles this summer – study

BISHKEK. KAZINFORM - The flow of tourists to Kyrgyzstan has grown significantly this summer, KABAR reports. study showed that this year foreigners searched for and booked twice as many tickets compared to the same period last year.

Most people come from Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Germany.

The only country that has dropped out of the rankings compared to the summer of 2021 is South Korea. Despite this, it got into the top countries from which people plan to travel to Kyrgyzstan in the fall, the report said.

According to analysts, compared to last summer, the demand for tickets among Russians increased by 98%, and among Turks - by 77%. The residents of Uzbekistan searched for tickets to Kyrgyzstan by 119% more and in Kazakhstan - by 5%. Among residents of Germany, demand increased by 141%.

Prices for tickets to Kyrgyzstan have also changed. The average cost of tickets from Russia for the summer of 2022 is KGS 14,250, last year at the same time the price was 40% lower. A similar picture with tickets from Turkey and Kazakhstan. Ticket prices from these countries increased by 27% and 25%. And tickets from Uzbekistan and Germany, on the contrary, have fallen in price. The average cost of tickets from Uzbekistan decreased by 33%, and from Germany - by 9%, the experts noted.

Despite a significant increase in ticket prices, the Russians take first place in the ranking. The top cities from which people search for tickets to Kyrgyzstan are still Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

As for other countries from the rating, the Turks are looking for tickets mainly from Istanbul, the Kazakhs from Almaty, and the Uzbeks - from Tashkent.

In autumn, there is also a positive trend in the growth of demand among foreigners.

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