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9 October 2009 17:41
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Tleuli Abdirakhmanuly (1695-1760) is a batyr of the Kazakh people. He was one of the heroes-commanders who made a massive impact on the liberation war of the Kazakh people against Dzungarian invaders.

Tleuli is a batyr of Uzyn tribe, Kara kipchak stem of Middle Zhuz. He was born in Akmola region. His wife Zhpalak was the sister of Yesset Batyr. His son Niyaz Bi was one of the authoritative advisers to Abylai Khan. Even Abylai Khan himself named Niyaz 'Khan'.

The name of Tleuli Batyr is always mentioned along with other Kazakh Batyrs as Shakshak, Zhanibek Tarkhan, Tama Yesset and others. Tleuli Batyr headed troops of 92 kipchak tribes in the battles in Anyrakay, Kalmakkyrgan and Karakum in the war against Dzungars.

In 1710 he participated in people's kurultay which gathered representatives of three zhuzes, in 1723 he took an active part in the battles with Dzungars on Talas River including the battles of Bulanty-Bleuti.

Together with Bogembay, Sauryk, Tailak and other Batyrs he participated in creation of Abulkhair's Khan territorial army. In 1738 Tleuli Batyr and his son Niyaz Bi signed document on joining the Kazakh people to Russia.

Tleuli Batyr was buried near Tama Yesset Batyr at the 18 km of Aktobe city not far from Bestamak station. His descendant Abdigapar Zhanbossynuly was one of the heads of the national-liberation uprising in 1916-1917.

His present descendants live in Karaganda, Kostanay, Kyzylorda regions, in Astana, Almaty, Zhezkazgan, Arkalyk cities and in Russia. His feats were described in several legends, research materials of M. Kozybayev and Z. Baidossov, and etc.

In 2007 by the decision of Zhezkazgan Maslikhat one of its streets received the name of Tleuli Batyr.

Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, Volume 8.

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