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Thracean University inaugurates Abai’s Corner

14 January 2021 18:44
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Thracean University inaugurates Abai’s Corner

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM - The «Abai Corner» introducing the life and work of the famous poet of Kazakhstan was inaugurated at the Thracean University with the contribution of TURKSOY, Kazinform has learnt from the official website of TURKSOY.

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In the speech he delivered at the Faculty of Literature of the afore-mentioned university, the Secretary General of the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY) Ambassador Dusen Kasseinov said that the founder of Kazak literature Abai left a great heritage behind him.

Mr. Kasseinov who stressed that Kunanbayev’s poems and maxims are the incarnation of the spirit of Turkic peoples further added: «Wisdom and virtuousness are the essence of Abai's philosophy. It is no coincidence that these qualities have been mentioned by Abai as those a human being should aspire to acquire. These lands are those where Farabi's concept of the ideal human being is rooted. These are the lands where ideas of Yusuf Khass Hajip have taught people how to be happy. Abai is the incarnation and of these ancient roots which reach out to our present and future.»

Ambassador Kasseinov who said that TURKSOY has carried out many activities in various places of the world including its member countries to promote and commemorate the legacy of Abai in 2020 further stressed that:

«Throughout the year 2020, we have done our best to carry out various events commemorating Abai and his legacy and publish works about him. Today, I have the honour and pleasure to introduce another such publication of ours to you. We are happy to share with you this prestige album «Reading Abai». I do sincerely believe that all these works being exhibited in the Abai Corner of the Thracean University will attract young students' attention and encourage them to understand Abai's legacy.»

Promotion of the famous Kazak poet Abai thanks to the «Abai Corner»

In the speech he delivered at the opening ceremony, the Rector of the Thracean University Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu said that ever since the existence of the great Turkic peoples spread over three continents throughout its journey from Central Asia during which it made major conquests.

Prof. Dr. Tabakoğlu who further said that Turkic peoples who always succeeded in pursuing their existence despite difficult times and obstacles they had to overcome added that: «Now, these great peoples stand up after a troublesome century, they get to know eachother, get acquainted with their cultural and raditional values and play a major role in the creation of great unions. Thanks to TURKSOY which we consider as the UNESCO of Turkic peoples come together to foster their unity and ties of brotherhood. Mr. Kasseinov is a very distinguished and important person.«

Prof. Dr. Tabakoğlu who said that Abai, the great scholar of Kazakhstan will be promoted thanks to the Abai’s Corner inaugurated in the Thracean University further added: «After a century of troublesome times in which it had to overcome major challenges and trauma, Turkic peoples have forgotten their own values which fell into oblivion. We are founding this union in order for Turkic peoples to remember their ancestors and become aware of their own strength. I am happy that we will be showing the world how strong Turkic literature and Turkic art are.«

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