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'The Seven Pillars of Statehood' by Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev

25 November 2021, 13:00
'The Seven Pillars of Statehood' by Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM – This Wednesday First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan-Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev addressed the extended session of the Political Council of the Nur Otan Party and presented ‘The Seven Pillars of Statehood’ required to preserve Kazakhstan’s statehood in the coming years, Kazinform reports.

«Dear people of Kazakhstan!

We are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of our Independence having reached significant achievements.

We have built a strong and successful state; a unified and consolidated society has been formed.

A coherent execution of market related reforms enabled the creation of an effective and steady economic system.

Above all, we accomplished the sacred dream of our ancestors – declared our Independence, revived and enhanced our statehood.

We attained a locus where independent Kazakhstan exists with dignity among the international community.

Unity and integrity of the nation is a guarantee of future eminence and prosperity of Kazakhstan.

More than nine and half million of our children were born in the past thirty years.

This is an advanced, goal-oriented, highly educated and progressively thinking new generation.

I believe that the historic mission of this generation is to preserve our statehood and implement a national idea of «The Eternal state».

As such, I am introducing «The Seven Pillars of Statehood», which should become the essential points for the people of Kazakhstan in a new era.

Let the young generation accept them as my call and appeal from the First President, leader of the state who overcame challenging, thirty-yearlong obstacles together with the people of our nation.

Firstly, Independence is a fundamental value of each citizen.

It is the obligation of every Kazakhstani to honour and value statehood, cherish it like the apple of an eye, respecting and providing gratitude towards our important history.

Our world has many ethnic groups and nationalities which have not yet established a sovereign state. The scrupulous and shaping labour of all people of Kazakhstan in the last thirty years shall be written in gold at the annals of state history.

Our magnificent country with the ninth largest territory on the planet is a priceless genuine godsend given by the Creator to our nation.

A realization of the sacred Kazakh dream is possible under independence and sovereignty. It’s a constant notion that should be remembered.

Second. Unity and harmony are the unshakable foundation of our statehood.

Ethnic diversity is the main advantage of our society, united into a single nation.

After thirty years, we see the real fruits of the balanced policy pursued to preserve and strengthen interethnic harmony and ensure the unity of the people.

The Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan has a significant potential to ensure interethnic harmony and peaceful coexistence of different ethnic groups under one roof.

It is the duty of every citizen to honor and abide by the Constitution, speak the state language, respect national values.

Only by carefully increasing our unity and solidarity shall we preserve our sovereignty and strengthen our statehood.

Third. The land is a priceless heritage of our ancestors, a property of the people.

The land is sacred for our people.

For Kazakhs, the land and the people are a single concept.

Each war in our history was fought only to protect the vast expanses of the Great Steppe, the Motherland.

Since the proclamation of the Independence of Kazakhstan, we have made every possible effort for international recognition and official consolidation of our borders.

The history of humanity, the events of the present time indicate that disputed territories, as a rule, lead to wars and bloodshed (Nagorno-Karabakh, Crimea, Georgia, etc.).

With this in mind, I have made every effort to save the younger generation from such a grave risk.

Today our common duty and obligation is to be worthy heirs of our ancestors, to preserve and defend our vast Motherland, to safeguard it for our descendants and future generations.

Fourth. Family and traditions are the fundamental pillars of society.

The origins of true patriotism begin with love and respect for a family and its traditions, the Motherland, a place where one was born, lives and creates.

The family is a unique institution for the upbringing of the younger generation, a key link in a developed society.

Despite the fact that the process of globalisation has changed the way of life and worldview of the Kazakh society, we must not abandon our centuries-old, time-tested national values.

At all times, we must adhere firmly to the sacred traditions of our ancestors: honor the elders, respect the younger.

The weakening of the institution of the family and the extinction of our national and spiritual traditions is a road that leads to the loss of statehood.

Only by discarding everything archaic, taking the best from traditions, will we be able to preserve our national identity.

Only then will we bring up a worthy generation that loves our people and our Motherland.

Fifth. National culture is the spiritual foundation for the people.

We are the modern descendants of the great nomads, whose sacred history is deeply rooted in the past.

We are a people with a unique, distinctive and rich spiritual and cultural heritage.

And in order to be competitive in the global world, we need our own special national firm character and unbending spirit.

They are formed primarily through knowledge of our national history, the preservation of our cultural values.

The spiritual growth of society along with material values ​​plays an important role in the process of Kazakhstan's integration into the thirty most developed countries.

Therefore, the study of our cultural heritage and its popularisation among other people are among our main priorities.

A nation can achieve global recognition only by high achievements in art and science.

Sixth. The pursuit of knowledge and hard work are the keys to prosperity.

Abai’s words «Trust yourself, You will thrive, Through labor and knowledge On both sides«, reveal a necessity to rely only on the strength of our own knowledge and skills.

We have a talented, creative, energetic and purposeful youth in our country.

It is especially gratifying to see active, successful young people working in large companies, making world-class scientific discoveries, gaining professional recognition in various spheres of life.

They fully met our expectations.

In my idea of ​​creating a Society of Universal Labour, I outlined five principles: evolutionary development, shared responsibility, partnership, incentive and professionalism.

If these principles are ignored, any society runs the risk of being left «on the margins of history.«

The key to success is continuous self-education and hard work.

Only honest work will allow a person to achieve the desired goal.

We must instill this in the minds of the younger generation.

Seventh. Pragmatism is the key to competitiveness.

To achieve our goals, we need to work effectively, making the most of all available resources and opportunities.

Young people have all the conditions for self-development, education, doing what they love.

Therefore, guided by the principles of pragmatism, one must strive for moderation, be prudent, and use time rationally.

Ultimately, by constantly strengthening the independence and preserving the integrity of the country, maintaining the value of the family and promoting the national spiritual culture, paying attention to the acquisition of deep knowledge and honest work, we will become a nation of creators.

These are the seven main pillars of our Statehood!

Fellow citizens!

The next 30 years will be a new milestone in strengthening our statehood.

This will become possible when every citizen of Kazakhstan can consciously take responsibility for the future of the nation.

«Nur Otan», as the largest political party in the country, should be at the forefront of this process.

Leading this blessed beginning is a foundation of long-term leadership of the ruling party.

We should appreciate our Creator for a bright present and confidently step into the future.

To reach new highs and acquire a bright future for independent Kazakhstan we must raise our spirit, keep our heads up and work tirelessly!

Overcoming challenges, we shall win together!

I congratulate all the people of Kazakhstan with the 30th Anniversary of our Independence!

Together we are one!» Elbasy’s address at the extended session of the Political Council of the Nur Otan Party reads.

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