Taraz city development plan for 2023-2025 presented

Zhanna Nurmaganbetova
28 December 2022, 09:56

Taraz city development plan for 2023-2025 presented

TARAZ. KAZINFORM Taraz Mayor Bakhytzhan Orynbekov presented the city development roadmap for 2023-2025 at a briefing for journalists, Kazinform reports.

Bakytzhan Orynbekov was appointed as the city mayor three months ago. Since that the three-year housing and utilities development plan was elaborated, the city master plan was revised in order to improve transport logistics, city exterior and building a conform zone. The public transport operating hours were extended from 09:00 pm until 00:00. The mayor held 9 meetings with the population.

As stated there construction works will grow in the region by 2025 by KZT 80.1 bln. Building of 47 apartment blocks, a children’s infectious diseases hospital will start in 2023. Besides, 5 new schools will be commissioned, 7 educational facilities will be repaired.

The mayor added that 3,000 trees will be planted in the city in the next three years to come. A hippotherapy centre will open its doors in the territory of the Victory Park. Construction of 2 social adaption centre for people with special needs will complete in 2023-2024.

Orynbekov said that the Asanali Ashimov Centre, a crafts centre, a 180-seat community centre will be constructed there under the complex development plan over the next there years. 4 futsal fields will be built in the city in 2023 to promote healthy lifestyle.

In a conclusion he noted that 2 schools for 1,200 pupils, a schoolchildren’s palace will open their doors in micro district #15.

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