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7 July 2009 12:17
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TAIMANULY ISATAY (1791-1838) is a batyr and Kazakh rebel leader.

In 1812 Isatay Taimanuly became one of the elders of a bersh (more than 3,500 families) community migrating within the southern areas of Kazakhstan adjacent to the Caspian Sea. In 1814 his position as elder was confirmed by the governor of Orenburg. Some time later Taimanuly became the governor of the whole bersh community.

He was arrested several times (1817, 1823, 1824) by the colonial governors for resisting the khan's rule.

Taimanuly protested against the oppression of the peasantry in the Bukeev Horde and became a popular hero. In February 1836, supported by Makhambet Utemisov, he was one of the instigators of a mass uprising, largely of Kazakh peasants, which included about two thousand men under arms by 1837. In October 1837 Taimanuly and his supporters laid siege to the Khan Djaghir's quarters, but they were routed in a battle at Tas-Tyube later that year. This unsuccessful result is considered a decisive event in the rebellion. Taimanuly then led the survivors to the Small Zhuz (Mladshii zhuz) on the left bank of the Ural River, strengthened his forces, and joined Sultan Kaip-Galii Ishimov, who under the support of Khiva's khan was trying to wrest the Small Zhuz from the Russian empire. In July 1838 Taimanuly died at the river Ak-Bulak in battle against czarist military forces sent to suppress the rebellion, which died with him.

Source: National Encyclopedia, Vol. 2

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