Syrian opposition refused to sign final Astana process document
24 January 2017 16:17

Syrian opposition refused to sign final Astana process document

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - The Syrian opposition has refused to sign the final document of the international meeting on Syrian settlement (Astana process). Advisor of the Syrian opposition delegation Yahya al-Aridi has informed so to journalists today.

"At the moment the participants of the meeting are working on the joint communique. Some of its items leaked before it was finalized, and some parties had objections. The communique won't be signed by anybody. More likely Russia, Turkey will publish on its own party. Maybe Iran will do too" al-Aridi said.

"I don't think the communique will be that strong to be presented in Geneva and become a resolution of the Security Council. It will then compete with the previous arrangements. I don't think we can cancel what had been previously discussed in Syria and start everything anew. [...] Certain arrangements had been made in Geneva and all further discussions will be based on them", Yahya al-Aridi said.

He also stated that "some participants, the guarantor states, seem to be concerned with their own interests in this issue".

"One delegation worries about the problems of the Syrians. If the rest of the participants don't make Syrian citizens' interests a priority, I think all the rest efforts will be useless", he said and emphasized the opposition's hope for truce.

One more condition stipulated by the Syrian opposition advisor is that Iran should remove its groups from Syria.

"We hope that Iran will act according to its statements. If they want peace, they must take their people out. Everybody agrees that the target is the DAESH whose fighters are killing peaceful civilians and seize territories. However there are also groups brought by Iran and the Syrian regime who do the same", Yahya al-Aridi said.