12 July 2011 15:48

South Asian cookbook shares family recipes

GLENDALE HEIGHTS. July 12. KAZINFORM Rafia Shujaat brings the delicacies of traditional South Asian cuisine to tables across the world in her first cookbook, "Desi Flavors" (ISBN 145365643X). Inspired by her Pakistani mother's cooking, Shujaat shares family recipes she's used to entertain friends and dinner guests for years.

According to MMD Newswire, the recipes of "Desi Flavors" are divided into country of origin: Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Kashmir and Afghanistan. Shujaat explains how to create the exotic and aromatic meals of Qabuli Pulao (chicken pilaf), Shyaem (sliced kabobs in curry) and Zafrani Murgh (saffron chicken curry).

Shujaat credits her mother as the inspiration behind her love of cooking and the publishing of "Desi Flavors." As a young girl, Shujaat learned the tricks of the trade, watching her mother make everything from cakes to kebabs in their kitchen. Shujaat claims that everyone she knows loves her mother's cooking, which made her want to learn her style of cooking. Years later, she still enjoys cooking traditional Desi cuisine for her own family and friends and is saddened others do not feel the same way.

"Many women I know are forgetting how to cook their culture's recipes or even worse, they have no idea how to cook," Shjuaat says. "I hope that my work can bring back the spark that I feel about cooking Desi food."

Shujaat shares her authentic South Asian traditional cuisines in hopes of attracting people to this particular style of cooking. She hopes her love of cooking and culture radiates from the pages of "Desi Flavors" and that readers will find inspiration in this twist on cuisine.

About the Author:

Rafia Shujaat has had a passion for cooking since childhood. At seven years old, she began to make samosas, kebabs and cakes with her mother and enjoyed being the helper in the kitchen. She cooked her first independent lunch at the age of 13 and still remembers how that spicy cauliflower curry and punjabi chapatti tasted. While Shujaat has written three cookbooks, "Desi Flavors" is the first to be published.

Details also at website: http://www.desiflavors.blogspot.com/

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