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‘Sleep Epidemic’ involves 5 more Kalachi villagers

12 March 2014 07:57
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‘Sleep Epidemic’ involves 5 more Kalachi villagers

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - New cases of sleeping epidemic reported in Akmola region. Five people from Kalachi village have been taken to the district hospital. All the people had the same symptoms such as as weakness, malaise, fainting, partial memory loss, and in the worst cases, even hallucinations.

Doctors put the same diagnosis: encephalopathy of unknown etiology, or rather - brain damage. All the victims, simply, begin to feel an irresistible desire to sleep. Doctors and scientists have not yet figured out the cause of the mysterious illness. Kalachi was visited by toxicologists, radiologists, neurologists and environmentalists, but no anomalies were found by the experts. Semey Institute of Radiation Medicine and Ecology specialists should arrive in the village nearest time.

The first case of the manifestation of the sleeping epidemic in Kalachi occurred between March and April 2013. Since that time, the number of patients with sleeping sickness has already reached 50.

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