Silk Road Media Alliance founded in China
24 October 2016 21:39

Silk Road Media Alliance founded in China

NANJING. KAZINFORM - Following the results of the first forum of Silk Road media cooperation in Nanjing the so-called "Nanking Consensus" has been adopted. "The Nanking Consensus provides for creation of the Union of media organizations of the Silk Road region ("Silk Road Media Alliance" - SRMA), Kazinform reports. The text of the document was read by General Director of Kazinform International news agency Assel Tulegenova.

"We are confident that due to formation of the Union of the Silk Road media organization and the success of this forum we have obtained an important platform for broader cooperation between media. We are determined to make common efforts for strengthening of interrelations within the Union, to stick to the principles of respect, equality, variety, mutually beneficial cooperation, openness and tolerance, to promote interaction and exchange in the sphere of media, to borrow from each other, to strengthen constructive discussion and communication on important international subjects to make a new contribution to humanitarian cooperation between the countries of "One Zone- One Way", - the Nanking Consensus reads.

"We will continue the discussion of the possibilities to hold media summit, in suitable conditions, in the presence of the heads of the states located along "One Zone - One Way" and encourage carrying out subforums in more specific spheres within this framework. We welcome accession of media of other countries of "One Zone - One Way" to the Silk Road Media Alliance and their participation in the forum", - is emphasized in the Nanking consensus.

The first forum of media cooperation is being held as part of the "EXPO of the historical and cultural cities of the world". The organizers are the Publishing Office of literature in foreign languages and the administration of Nanjing with support and assistance of China Pictorial publishing house, press office of Nanjing and the Nanking Corporation of broadcasting, cinematography and television.

The main topic of the forum is "unity of opinions, joint construction and use of fruits of common efforts: media cooperation within One Zone - One Way program". Representatives of 20 media companies from 13 countries located along "One Zone - One Way" (Kazakhstan, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Brunei) are taking part in it.

The event includes three panel discussions: "New Chances and Challenges of Media Cooperation in Joint Construction of the Silk Way", " Media's Role in Promoting Understanding Between People", "Images of the Cities 'of One Zone, One Way" and promotion of cultural knowledge on the international scene".

The speakers of two sessions were General Director of Komsomolskaya Pravda-Kazakhstan Assylbek Bissenbayev and General Director of Kazinform International News Agency Assel Tulegenova.