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8 September 2009 17:37
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Shal Akyn, Tleuke Kulekeuly (1748-1819) is akin-improvisator, contemporary of Abylai Khan. He was born on the territory of Akmola region. His mother was the daughter of famous Tole Bi of Uisin stem and his father was Kuleke - one of the famous batyrs.

In one of his articles concerning Kazakh literature Shokan Ualikhanov wrote that the contemporary of his great-grandfather Ablay Shal Akyn created a significant epos based on collected legends on origin of the Kazakh people, on stems and genealogy of khans.

The songs and zhyry of Shal akyn are characterized by philosophic understanding of life phenomena and human psychology. His lyrical creations are full of philosophic depth and sincerity. The religion takes a significant place in his works. The poet stated that the most things depend on people themselves.

Shal Akyn is a master of poetic contests as he participated in many contests - aitys. Only several his creations remained from his time.

Researches pointed out the perfection of his poems: imagery, felicity, inventiveness and allegorists of his language and expressiveness of his style. Many his utterances became winged words. For the first time his poems were published in 1929.

Shal Akyn was buried near Sergeevka village on the right side of Yessil River. The municipality in North-Kazakhstan Oblast was named in his honor.

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