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Seralin Mukhamedzhan (1872-1929) is a writer, poet, publicist and journalist.

He was born in Karabalyk municipality of Kostanay region. He attended medrese in Troitsk and graduated from two years Russian-Tatarian school. Due to financial problems he could not continue his study and leaved for Sub-Aral area to work as a school teacher. His teaching activity promoted more close acquaintance of Seralin with the life of his people and social injustice. That period he created several poems 'Topzhargan' and 'Gulkashima' where he lashed existing wrongful customs of society detracting human dignity.

In 1905-1907 he issued journal Aikap in Kazakh language in Troitsk. Editor of Troitsk printing-office Energy Kh. Sosnovsky and other representatives of progressive Russian and Kazakh intelligentsia greatly supported him. During five years the journal carried out an educational msission among common people. It played an important role in the development of the Kazakh written literature.

Being engaged in fight against tsar authority M. Seralin closely cooperated with clandestine revolutionary circles and published his articles in Step newspaper. He actively participated in the life of new authority. In 1919-1921 he worked in Ushkyn newspaper. In 1921-1922 he was the chairman of Shubar region. In 1923-1926 he issued Auyl newspaper where the principal ideas of the Soviet authority were enlightened.

In 1924 he participated in II All-Russian Congress of Soviets where he took part in funerals of V. Lenin. Having returned to his town he published poems dedicated to V. Lenin. He died in 1929.

Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, Volume 5.

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