Search underway for 2 more Kazakhstanis in quake-battered Türkiye

Kudrenok Tatyana
8 February 2023, 12:54

Search underway for 2 more Kazakhstanis in quake-battered Türkiye

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – Two more Kazakhstanis reportedly went missing after the devastating earthquake that jolted Türkiye early Monday morning, Kazinform correspondent reports.

Director General of Astana Hub Magzhan Madiyev took to his official Instagram account to reveal that three of colleagues stopped responding to messages and calls in the quake-hit Türkiye. Madiyev was the one who broke the news that Astana Hub employee Mirus Kurmashev had gone missing in Türkiye after the quake earlier.

«Along with Mirus three of his colleagues, namely Adil Kadyrbekov, Sabina Mamadyarova and Kubilay Keskin stopped responding to messages,» Madiyev’s post on Instagram reads.

Mirus Kurmashev, Adil Kadyrbekov, and Sabina Mamadyarova are Kazakhstanis nationals, while Kubilay Keskin is the citizen of Türkiye.

Official spokesperson of the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aibek Smadiyarov reported that search for all missing Kazakhstanis is underway.

In addition, Magzhan Madiyev joined forces with other Kazakhstanis and jetted off to the Turkish city of Hatay to search for his colleagues at the scene. At the moment the quake hit Türkiye, Mirus Kurmashev was in Hatay and afterwards the contact was lost. Everyone who can lend a helping hand and join the search in Türkiye, please contact Mirus’ brother Almat at +7 702 430 2021.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev ordered the government to quickly lend emergency assistance to the Turkish Republic in overcoming the aftermath of the deadliest earthquake to date in the southeast of the country.

A group of 41 Kazakhstani rescuers landed in Türkiye on Tuesday with necessary equipment and were greeted by the representatives of the Kazakh embassy in Gaziantep. The Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan stands ready to send a brigade of 125 medical personnel to the quake-stricken provinces of Türkiye.

A national period of mourning is in effect across Türkiye.


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