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Scientists reveal corridor inside Egypt's Great Pyramid

3 March 2023, 09:18
Scientists reveal corridor inside Egypt's Great Pyramid Photo:

TOKYO. KAZINFORM A hidden corridor has been confirmed inside the Great Pyramid of Giza with imagery taken by an international team of scientists, the Egyptian antiquities ministry said Thursday, Kazinform learned from Kyodo.

Measuring some 9 meters in length and some 2 meters in width, the corridor was discovered in the pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu (2589-2566 B.C.), the largest among the three pyramids in the suburbs of Cairo.

The ScanPyramids project's team of experts, including those from Nagoya University of Japan, began detecting a possible open space from outside the ancient structure in 2015, using muons emitted from cosmic rays that can penetrate several kilometers of solid rock.

The scientists, including Kunihiro Morishima from the Japanese university, released a report the following year saying there was a hidden space inside the pyramid.

Ahmed Issa, minister of tourism and antiquities of Egypt, commended the discovery as well as the endoscope imagery of the corridor, calling them «the result of an important scientific project» during a press conference Thursday.

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