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School costs per child in North Kazakhstan above country level

8 February 2018 10:27 1222
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School costs per child in North Kazakhstan above country level

PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZINFORM - Up to 400 schools in North Kazakhstan Region are underfilled, Gulmira Karimova, head of the Department of Education, said in a meeting on Wednesday, Kazinform reports.    

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According to Karimova, 187 schools out of 400 do not meet the required standard.

"During four years in Yessil region 11 schools have been closed and reorganized. The funds which became available were used for supply of the material and technical needs of other schools: to procure furniture, transport, computers, and repair.  This problem should be raised in a number of districts (M.Zhumabayev, Aiyrtau, Zhambyl, Taiynshy districts) where many schools are far below the standards",  Gulmira Karimova said.

216 settlements do not have schools. In 43 villages there are no children at all.  

Gulmira Karimova is certain that quality education can be obtained only in a complete and furnished schools.

Akim of the region Kumar Aksakalov noted that school costs per one child are KZT 662 thousand a year in North Kazakhstan region. In the country up to KZT 400 thousand is spent to let one kid attend school. "In our region the costs per child are almost 50% higher because our schools are underfilled. It is the task for the local executive bodies to provide the required conditions and supply the needs for the schools to ensure kids receive education", said the head of the region.

In the meantime in Petropavlovsk schools there are not enough seats. In 2018, four schools arranged three shifts in order to accommodate all kids. To solve this problem there has been started construction of two schools for 600 and 900 seats. 



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