Saudi businessmen are ready to invest in Kazakhstan
24 October 2016 22:07

Saudi businessmen are ready to invest in Kazakhstan

RIYADH.KAZINFORM. Saudi Arabia businessmen show great interest in Kazakhstan's mining and metallurgical industry, according to Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakhstan's National Enterpreneurs Chamber Atameken Nurzhan Altayev in an interview to journalists today, Kazinform informs.

"A lot of companies in Kazakhstan are in need of investments. Saudi Arabia is ready to consider all projects from Atameken regarding investment. Also we have agreed with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saudi Arabia to create bilateral business council "Saudi Arabia - Kazakhstan" where businessmen on both sides will enter. It should be mentioned that today we have had many productive meetings. A number of Kazakhstan companies have signed agreements with the Saudi side", Nurzhan Altayev commented after the meeting with the representatives of Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

According to Mr. Altayev, Saudi businessmen are "very keen on mining and metallurgical industry. And it is not even operating fields they are interested in, but dumps, the wastes of the companies operating in Kazakhstan. They are ready to work with that. They are interested in that. They have money and serious entrepreneurs. We already studied their history, earnestness of their intentions and it has been confirmed. We know that dumps always mean waste. It is no easy to get them. It requires state-of-the-art technologies, which are most likely to be applied", Nurzhan Altayev added.