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9 July 2010 09:30
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Sabit Mukanov (1900-1973) was one of the founders of the Kazakh literature, people's writer of Kazakhstan, public figure, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan.

He was born in the Zhambyl municipality of North Kazakhstan region. He began to write poems from 14-15 years.

The works of Sabit Mukanov reflect a centuries-old way of life, culture and history of the Kazakh people. He started his creative activity as a poet. The poetic works of Sabit Mukanov recreate postrevolutionary life of the Kazakh people from the positions of communist ideals, the transition from one social system to another is comprehended in such poems as "Zhumashtyn olimi" ("Death of Zhumash"), "Album", "Balbope", "Sulushash", "Ak ayu" ("White bear"), "Zhuparkhan" and etc.

S.Mukanov made great contribution to development of the Kazakh prose.

He studied scientific and literary heritage of Chokan Valikhanov. He also studied theory and history of literature and literary process, in particular, the issues of formation and development of various genres in the Kazakh literature and etc.

Almaty street, a village, a school, a regional library, regional drama theatre of North Kazakhstan oblast are named after S.Mukanov in honor of his 100th anniversary.


Kazakhsatn, National encyclopedia, volume 4.

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