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S. Korean president orders review of 52-hour workweek reform

Kudrenok Tatyana
14 March 2023, 17:45

S. Korean president orders review of 52-hour workweek reform Photo:

SEOUL. KAZINFORM - President Yoon Suk Yeol instructed the government on Tuesday to review its proposed reform of the 52-hour workweek system by paying particular close attention to the opinions of young generations, his office said, Yonhap reports.

Under the reform measures announced by the labor ministry last week, companies will be allowed to increase the maximum weekly work hours to 69 while keeping the average work hours within the 52-hour limit.

The proposal came as businesses complained of difficulties in meeting deadlines due to the 52-hour workweek.

It is undergoing a public review before being sent to the National Assembly for approval in June-July.

«Review areas that need to be fixed in the details of the bill and in communicating with the public by listening closely to the various opinions of workers, and especially the opinions of the MZ generation, which were expressed during the legislative preview period,» Yoon was quoted as saying by senior presidential secretary for press affairs Kim Eun-hye.

«MZ generation» is a Korean term referring to millennials and Generation Z.

Later in the day, Prime Minister Han Duck-soo told reporters Yoon's instruction was not meant to fully reconsider the proposed workweek system.

Asked whether the government would fully reconsider the proposed system, Han replied, «Not at all.»

«Nothing has changed in the original frame, which says it is very helpful to young people and to the MZ generation,» Han said.

Instead, the government will strictly implement laws to prevent delays in wage payment or refusals in payment of additional wages, Han said.

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