S Kazakhstan commissions new transformer works

Zhanna Nurmaganbetova
12 December 2018, 07:46

S Kazakhstan commissions new transformer works

SHYMKENT. KAZINFORM A unique works for the production of high-capacity transformers of 220 and 500 kV was put into operation in Shymkent as part of the nationwide teleconference dated to the Industrialization Day.

Asia Trafo innovation enterprise is located at the Tassay industrial zone, the city administration's press service reports.

The first large-scale transformers production project is worth KZT 18.9 billion. The second stage of the project is supposed to launch digital transformers production line. It boasts also a unique testing laboratory second to none in Central Asia.

The works is expected to satisfy the country's requirements and export its products to CIS states. It affords 220 new workplaces.

It is noteworthy, Shymkent implemented nine projects worth KZT 9,710,7 million in 2018 under the State Industrial and Innovative Development Program. As a result, 635 new workplaces were created.


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