18 June 2011 13:37

Russia may lend 15 bln dlr to IMF to support euro zone countries

ST. PETERSBURG. June 18. KAZINFORM Russia can extend a 15-billion dollar loan to the IMF to provide support for euro zone countries, Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin told the Vesti-24 television news channel at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

"Russia can give a few billion dollars. The IMF could borrow from Russia up to 15 billion dollars to support Europe," he said.

According to Itar-Tass, in this way, said Kudrin, Russia "in fact will be indirectly helping Europe." He added that Russia "has signed a pledge to urgently disburse 15 billion to the IMF," if necessary. "We have large reserves - 500 billion, and we could increase our share of support."

"But for that we ask for guarantees in making decisions on the world's global markets, and a greater quota and voting rights in the structures of the IMF and the World Bank."

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