Republic of Korea nominates Minister for Trade as its candidate for post of WTO Director-General
2 September 2020 15:08

Republic of Korea nominates Minister for Trade as its candidate for post of WTO Director-General

GENEVA. KAZINFORM On June 24th, 2020, the Government of the Republic of Korea nominated Minister for Trade Myung-hee YOO as its candidate for the post of the Director-General of the WTO.

Director-General Roberto Azevêdo of the WTO announced his intent (in May) to step down on August 31st, and the WTO Secretariat is proceeding with a DG selection process.

The WTO today is facing a critical juncture. In this times, a «Middle Power» such as Korea can be an effective facilitator that can resolve conflicts among Members of differing levels of development and present a common vision for all.

Korea has the experience and capacity to build the bridge between developing and developed countries, having achieved economic growth and development based on the multilateral trade system as established by the WTO. It has built trust with countries around the world through various trade agreements and economic cooperation schemes.

Moreover, most recently, Korea has demonstrated its leadership of solidarity and cooperation in the international arena in its response to Covid-19.

Minister YOO is a very well-respected leader and an expert in trade policy circles within Korea and abroad.

As a career trade official for the past 25 years, Minister YOO has a proven track-record of designing, negotiating, and implementing trade deals as well as developing innovative trade-related policies in domestic, bilateral, and multilateral settings. She has led multiple negotiations, with United States, China, the EU, and the ASEAN, among others, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Kazakhstan reports.

She has demonstrated political leadership in the process, facilitating mutually beneficial outcomes by working closely with domestic and international stake-holders alike.

The Korean government believes that Minister YOO, with her proven track record, is the best candidate who can steer the WTO out of the current crisis. She will be able to make great contributions towards restoring and reinforcing the WTO’s international trading system, leveraging Korea’s experience, capacity, and trust we have built with countries around the world along the way.

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