Recruiters name main reasons Kazakhstanis change jobs
10 August 2017 20:18

Recruiters name main reasons Kazakhstanis change jobs

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Antal recruitment agency has conducted its annual survey of Kazakhstan's labor market and identified the main reasons why Kazakhstanis change jobs, Kazinform reports.

According to the recruiters, higher salary has once again become the main reason for a job change in Kazakhstan (35%), while the ability to perform more duties came second (34%), and better career opportunities - third (26%).

This year 20% of respondents (7% more than in 2016) named better balance between work and personal life as the reason they decided to change jobs, while 9% said a more favourable compensation package became the deciding factor for them (4% in 2016), and 3% of Kazakhstanis (compared to 1% last year) named a better working schedule as the main reason they wanted to change their job.

Meanwhile, the reasons Kazakhstanis change jobs differ depending on the positions they hold. Thus, top managers often change jobs for reasons related to their career development, such as better career opportunities and a wider range of duties (44% each). For mid-level managers and specialists, higher salary is often the reason for changing jobs (42% and 32% respectively). Top managers almost three times more often than other respondents said they left their previous job due to the expiry of their contract periods (14% compared to 5% for mid-level managers and specialists). Mid-level manager, on the other hand, more often make their decision based on the ability to have a better balance between work and personal life at the new place (24% compared to 16% for top managers and 20% for specialists). Also, 15% of mid-level, 5% of top managers, and 9% of specialists named poor work relationships with management or co-workers the main reason for switching jobs in 2017, while 6% of mid-level and 2% of top managers and specialist said that for them a better working schedule was the deciding factor for them. Specialists more often than other respondents changed jobs in order to find a more stable company (21% compared to 16% of top managers and 15% of managers), or because their new employer had a more attractive brand (20% compared to 11% and 10% respectively).

At the same time, the experts note that all respondents consider professional and personal contacts as the most effective ways to find a job with 76% and 72% calling them effective and very effective respectively. The third and fourth most efficient tools to find a new job, according to Kazakhstanis, are recruiting agencies and job search sites (63% and 59% respectively) with the latter being the most undervalued job search tool as it is with the help of these websites that the most respondents found their new job, while professional and personal contacts were the third and fourth most effective.

22% of respondents consider social networks an effective job search tool, however, only 4% of respondents found their new job through social networks. Nevertheless, 42% of respondents think how their profiles can be perceived by potential or current employers. Another 30% use social networks consciously and don't share content that can compromise them in the eyes of others. Only 6% of respondents consider social networks their private space that can be used at their own discretion, and 19% do not use social networks at all.

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