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President Tokayev approves action plan to implement his election programme

30 November 2022, 19:11
President Tokayev approves action plan to implement his election programme

ASTANA. KAZINFORM President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has signed a decree approving the Action Plan for the implementation of his election program «Fair Kazakhstan – For All and For Everyone. Now and Forever».

The action plan, approved by a presidential Decree No.2 signed immediately after the presidential inauguration on November 26, covers three areas – Just State, Just Economy and Just Society. Its objective is to ensure the effective implementation of reforms aimed at further modernisation of Kazakhstan’s society and state.

The «Just State» section includes political modernisation, which entails conducting parliamentary and maslikhat (local representative body) elections based on the new electoral system, ensuring healthy political competition, and the formation of a mature, responsible electoral culture. In addition, measures include ensuring an efficient state apparatus, an independent court, and protection of the rights of citizens. The latter contains measures to prevent torture, prevent and combat corruption, increase responsibility for household violence. Pursuing a balanced foreign policy is one of the measures in the sphere of state security, the Kazakh MFA’s press service reports.

The «Just Economy» section incorporates a fair and predictable economic policy, which involves reducing the shadow economy to the OECD standards, decreasing the share of the state in the economy to 14% by 2025, demonopolisation of the economy, protection of competition, and adoption of a new Tax Code to ensure fair, transparent, predictable taxation. Other areas consist of open transport corridors and logistics, including the development of the Trans-Caspian international route, reliable energy, strong regions and infrastructure, including new housing and roads, as well as new digital opportunities, which comprises the development of Kazakhstan into a digital regional hub.

The «Just Society» section entails affordable and quality education, modern healthcare, social security, shared values and culture, new generation, and ecology. Measures include modernisation of schools, creation of new modern medical centres, support for vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society, launch of the National Fund for Children in 2024, as well as infrastructure for electric vehicles by 2029 in all major cities.

Most of the measures will be implemented by 2023-2024, while some require a longer time span. The Administration of the President of Kazakhstan will oversee the implementation of the action plan and the measures within it.

The measures form part of large-scale reforms and constitutional amendments that have been implemented in Kazakhstan since the start of this year and will continue to be realized for the duration of Tokayev’s presidency. The Head of State was re-elected for seven years on November 20 after receiving over 81% of the vote in the early presidential election.

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