President defined key areas of Almaty development
9 August 2015 16:15

President defined key areas of Almaty development

ASTANA. KAZINFORM As earlier reported, President Nursultan Nazarbayev has arrived in Almaty with a working visit.

In the course of his trip the Head of State participated in a sitting of the municipal Maslikhat where deputies unanimously approved the candidacy of Bayurzhan Baibek for the post of the city mayor. Besides, Nursultan Nazarbayev had a meeting with the city authorities during which he indicated the main areas of further development of Kazakhstan's largest city. .

The President highly appraised ex-Mayor Akhmetzhan Yessimov's work at his previous position. According to Nazarbayev, the city has reached serious results in recent years. Its image has changed significantly and the city has become more dynamic and comfortable with new houses built and two new districts appeared. "Asian Winter Games were successfully organized here and presently we are preparing for the Universiade. To date, Almaty experiences rapid development of small and medium businesses. The share of SMEs in the city economy exceeds 30% thus ensuring two thirds of budget revenues.

As N. Nazarbayev pointed out, Yessimov's experience will be in high demand in organization and holding the EXPO in Astana. "EXPO-2017 is our future. The construction of the exhibition sites is only one side of this objective. The more important issue is the content of the event," he stressed.

"EXPO-2017 is called to give a new impetus to Kazakhstan's transition to the new technological mode in all its sectors based on alternative energy development. The national company needs a leader capable to interact with the government and all regional akimats (administrations) and work with the tens of countries for investments and technologies attraction", the Head of State said and noted that Almaty is not only the largest city of the country. "It is the locomotive of our economy as well as the country's scientific-cultural center. We need highly experienced and creative staff to manage it", he added.

"Bauyrzhan Baibek is the first Bolashak Program graduate to be appointed to such high position. He worked in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Presidential Administration. He was the First Deputy Chairman of Nur Otan Party. Working together with me he saw my work and my activity. He has traveled around the whole Kazakhstan and has actively participated in serious election campaigns. As you know, we are getting ready for parliamentary elections now and I am confident, that together with you he will be able to solve all the problems of the city under the programs implemented today", the President said.

The Head of State defined the key areas of Almaty's development. The first task is to stimulate the attraction of investments and establish new productions using the scientific and personnel potential of the city and its investment attractiveness.

Small and medium businesses support activity should be raised to a brand new level.

Historically Almaty has been the center of entrepreneurship and city authorities should apply all the governmental support measures to prevent business slowdown. The President commissioned also to organize Universiade-2017 at the highest level and ensure post-Universiade use of all the facilities built.

Transport infrastructure of Almaty requires improvement too, since it directly impacts the city's environment. "Traffic jam and parking remain one of the most unsolved issues. Despite the construction of transport junctures, underground, despite gasification of the public transport, which help improve the situation in general, the authorities should continue working in this area", the Head of State said.

According to the President, one more essential issue is the criminogenic situation in the city. "We plan to develop tourism in Almaty, that is why the city should be safe and comfortable for living", the President highlighted. Science and education development, youth unemployment reduction issues requiring solution were also emphasized by the President.