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People's Assembly fully supports President's Address

6 October 2018 16:40
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People's Assembly fully supports President's Address

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - The Council of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan has adopted a statement in support of the Address by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to the Nation, Kazinform reports.

In its statement the People's Assembly notes that the State-of-the-Nation Address is a practical response to the most topical questions of the society. It is an important and informative document mapping out the comprehensive strategy of actions for government agencies, business and the society.

According to the statement, the Address pursues the growing welfare of the Kazakh people.

"Raising minimum wage, further implementation of the Business Roadmap 2020, affordable housing and other steps will promote the stability of growth of incomes. Increasing spending on education, science and healthcare, raising salaries of medical workers, promoting healthy lifestyle and protection of the population from bad goods and services will improve the quality of life," the statement reads.

The People's Assembly points out that the achievement of all those ambitious goals will be possible only if Kazakhstan preserves the unity and accord among the society. The People's Assembly fully supports the goals of the new State-of-the-Nation Address and will play an active role in its implementation.

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