13 July 2011 10:48

Paramount Pictures in Kazakhstan package deal

MOSCOW. July 13. KAZINFORM CTC Media's Channel 31 in Kazakhstan, which features a mix of Turkish and Korean series, local productions and U.S. movies, among other genres, has shored up the rights to a slew of titles from Paramount Pictures.

According to WorldScreen, the package grants the Kazakh broadcaster the rights to Transformers, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Iron Man, Madagascar, Mission: Impossible, Saturday Night Fever and Rosemary's Baby, among others.

"All major TV channels have exclusive agreements with world-leading motion-picture companies," said the general director of Channel 31. "The signing of such a contract gives us huge competitive advantages and uniquely positions us as the first TV channel in Kazakhstan that has the rights to show the latest productions and the most popular movies from Paramount. We have previously worked directly with Paramount Pictures and other international majors but this exclusive agreement provides additional opportunities."

To learn more go to http://www.worldscreen.com/

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