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Pakistani Embassy marks Defence and Martyrs Day in Astana

13 September 2018 13:21 290
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Pakistani Embassy marks Defence and Martyrs Day in Astana

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan hosted a reception on the occasion of Defence and Martyrs Day in Astana this week, Kazinform has learnt from the Embassy's press service. 

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Among the guests were representatives of the diplomatic corps including Ambassadors, Defence Attaches accredited in Kazakhstan, officers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Defence and Aerospace Industry and other friends. Congratulations came from Major General of Aviation Turaly Koishykulov, the Deputy commander-in-chief of Air Defence Forces of Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also Mr. Timur Shaimergenov, Vice minister of Defence and Aerospace Industry attended the subject event.

In his welcoming speech, the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mr Imtiaz A Kazi, explained the history of this day, highlighted the brotherly relations between Pakistan and Kazakhstan while Defence Attaché' of Pakistan, Brigadier Shakil Faridi briefly outlined the contributions of Pakistani nation and its Armed Forces in defence of the motherland and in war against terrorism for peace of the world.

"On this day in September, 1965 - the people supported the Armed Forces of the country", said the Brigadier. He added that Pakistan's Armed Forces are contributing in the United Nations Peace Keeping Operations since 1960s to maintain peace and security around the globe. The Armed Forces of this Asian country remains one of the largest contributors to peacekeeping missions around the globe.

"We became a "Front Line State" on the war against terrorism after September 11", said Shakil Faridi.

Pakistan continues to play a significant role in the ongoing war against terrorism. While in the process, it has become one of the biggest victims of terrorism, with more than 70,000 casualties including military personnel, policemen and civilians. Moreover, our economy has suffered a loss of around 130 billion Dollars in this effort.

In conclusion, Ambassador and Defence Attaché of Pakistan hoped to further bolster the military cooperation between Pakistan and Kazakhstan.



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