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Our short-track team can claim medals in PyeongChang - head coach

9 February 2018 08:28 1446
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Our short-track team can claim medals in PyeongChang - head coach

PYEONGCHANG. KAZINFORM - Head coach of Kazakhstan's short-track speed skating team Madygali Karsybekov is confident in the success of his team, Kazinform reports.

Tell us about the members of the team. What results do you have in mind?

The team is ready, they worked really hard. Now is the time to reap the fruits of their hard work. Our athletes have a chance to win medals at the PyeongChang Olympics. The Olympic medal is the dream of each athlete. We've come to PyeongChang because of our dream.

The team is now training at the ice palace where the Olympic Games will take place. Are you satisfied with the quality of the ice there?

[The quality] is superb. We like it. The athletes praise the quality of the ice as well. They say it is very comfortable.

Do you pin hopes on any particular speed skater? Can our short-track speed skaters provide tough competition?

It is hard to make predictions in short-track. In Sochi, for instance, we were on step away from the podium. But we've learnt our lesson.

Everyone knows that relay is the main event for short-track speed skaters. Who will participate in it?

Men's team consists of Abzal Azhgaliyev, Denis Nikisha and Nurbergen Zhumagaziyev. Right now, they are the best short-track speed skaters in Kazakhstan. Aliya Kim and Anastasiya Krestova will represent Kazakhstan as well. We have high hopes for these athletes.

Thank you for the interview and good luck!



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