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23 September 2009 14:14
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Ospan (Osman) Silamuly (1889-1950) is a hero of people, head of the national-liberation movement in Xinjiang region of China. He was born in Ondikara village of Koktogay municipality in Altay region.

In 1940 he participated in uprising of Kazakh people in Koktogay against governor of Xinjiang Shen Shitsaya. In June of 1943 a new uprising broke out among Kazakh people caused by decision of Shen Shitsaya to settle Kazakhs to the South of Xinjiang by force whereas Chinese refugees would live at pasture of the Kazakh people. The uprising was spread over the whole North-West China that led to creation of the independent state as East-Turkestan Republic with capital Kuldja (Inin) city. Along with the Kazakh people representatives of different ethnic groups as Uighur, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Tajik, Mongol ethnic groups participated in the uprising. The Government of the Soviet Union and Mongolia which helped the uprising used the liberation movement of Kazakh people to fight against Shen Shitsaya.

In 1945 the Army of the East-Turkestan Republic headed by Ospan Batyr was formed. In September, 1945 he was appointed the general-governor of Altay municipality. Ospan Batyr was awarded with the Order of the Hero of People of the East-Turkestan People's Republic.

In 1949 the regime of Chinese communists was set in Xinjiang. The group of Kazakh people headed by Ospan Batyr fought against Communistic Party of China. Almost all population of the municipality joined the movement.

Since October of 1949 Ospan Batyr fought against 3 and 6 field armies of the Chinese Red Army. In 1950 he was taken to prison at Kanambol mountain. He died in prison in Urumqi.

Source: Kazakhstan, National Encyclopedia, volume 4.

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