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3 August 2009 12:46
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OMIRULY ZHASYBAI BATYR (approximately 1716-1741 XVII c.) is a legendary Kazakh Batyr, fought against Jungars.

He was born in Bayanaul (Pavlodar region). His farter Omir was eloquent and witty person. His mother was a sister of the famous Kazakh Batyr Olzhabai.

A lot of information about Zhasybai can be found in the works of N.Konshin, folk proverbs, sayings. "Yer Zhasybai" poem is devoted to him as well. He was not only a nephew of Olzhabai, but also his close friend in the fights against enemies. From his childhood Zhasybai was a practiced marksman and fighter.

Great Kazakh Scientist Shokan Ualikhanov described the tomb of Zhasybai that is located on a pass between Zhasybai and Sabyndykol Lakes.

Zhasybai fought for his motherland and died, defending his people. Kazakh people respect him for his heroism. A pass on Bayan Mountain, where he fought, and Zhasybai Lake were named in his honor. Zhasybai Batyr's Public Fund functions in Pavlodar region.

Source: "Bayanaul perzentteri" book.

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